Keeping You In Service

Maintain your fleet with Apparatus Fleet Service. Our goal is to keep your truck fleets safe, efficient & affordable. Our team of experienced professionals diagnose, fix and maintain your equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

24 Hour Emergency Service Available Pump service
  • Replace transfer case oil
  • Lube valves
  • Lube control linkages
  • Adjust stops on valves
  • Adjust pump packing
  • Check foam system operation
  • Check gauges
  • Check primer system
Pump overhaul/replacement
  • Replace impeller assembly
  • Replace seals and gaskets
  • Pump test
  • Overhaul transfer case
  • Replace all bearings, seals, and gasket
  • Replace transfer case lube
  • Pump test
Valve repair/replacement
  • Replace ball and seals in valve
  • Water tank replacement
    • Fabricate new cradle
    • Install polytank and replace connecting hoses
    Preventive Maintenance Services: Quarterly or Annually
    • Replace engine oil
    • Replace oil filters
    • Replace fuel filters
    • Replace coolant filter
    • Lube chassis
    • Check List
    • Transmission Fluid if needed
    • Air Filter if needed
    Air conditioning repair
    • Repair leaks
    • Replace individual components
    • Clean evaporator coils
    • Clean condenser coils
    • Replace service drier
    • Replace belts and hoses
    • Service drain system
    • Repair control system
    Brake repair/replacement
    • Replace drums and rotors
    • Service hubs, seals, and bearings
    • Replace brake linings
    • Replace hardware
    • Lube brake cams and calipers
    • Replace brake chambers and adjust
    • Repair air systems
    • Replace wheel studs if needed
    Aerial service/inspections
    • Clean and grease and serviceable points and rails
    • Adjust cable tensions
    • Adjust rotation, elevation, and extension timing
    • Replace hydraulic filters
    • Leak test hydraulics
    • Check outrigger operations
    • Check torque box
    Hydraulic service, repair, hoses, cylinders, and outriggers
    • Replace leaking hoses and fittings
    • Reseal hydraulic cylinders
    • Replace pumps and PTOs
    • Replace fluids and filters
    Pump tests at service centers or on-site locations
    • Annual Pump Test
    • Vacuum test
    Welding – steel, aluminum, structural
    • Fabricate parts out of steel and aluminum
    • Add on lighting and LED upgrades
    • Compartment lighting
    • Emergency warning lighting
    Crash/ARFF truck repair
    • Mechanical repair
    • Paint and body repair
    • Pump repair
    • Plumbing repair
    Electrical repairs
    • Electrical shorts
    • Accessory add-ons
    • Module replacements
    • Charging systems
    • Generator systems
    • V-Mux systems
    • Command control and data systems
    Equipment mounting/bracket fabrication
    • Fabricate custom brackets for mounting equipment
    • Install accessories
    Portable pumps and skid units
    • Made custom to your specs
    Suspension repairs
    • Spring and pin replacement
    • Kingpin replacement
    • Independent Front
    • Suspension
    • Ball joint and tie rod replacement
    • Steering gearbox replacement

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